Promoting Sustainability and Green Initiatives in Ventura County:

Education and Implementation for a Greener Future


Since 1983, Peach Hill Soils in Somis and Moorpark, has been dedicated to creating superior organic soil products by recycling only the finest organic materials.

With the increase in recycling efforts and the demand for water conservation plus the need for high quality organic products we took the challenge and joined the movement for the benefit of the environment and to encourage healthy living.

With an ultimate goal of a “zero waste” lifestyle in our future, we will continue to meet the challenges that an evolving industry brings. Because of our efforts, we have become one of Ventura County’s leaders in organic recycling.



Experienced in the composting industry since 1983, gives us the expertise you need to help make the right decisions.


We adhere to strict composting practices because of that it allows us to supplying only the highest quality materials.

Environmentally Friendly

We divert usable organics away from landfills to create high quality materials. No paint, metal or oil.

Community Support

We've always supported community programs throughout Ventura county along with Boy and Girl Scouts, local first responders, senior centers and our service men and women.

Community Events

We promote awareness and provide education on the benefits of organic recycling at arbor day and earth day events , compost workshops and water conservation workshops

Quality Assurance

By having our soils analyzed on a regular basis at a local lab, we can ensure a superior organic product for your growing need.


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